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Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz – Polish <> English Legal Translator

Meet Łukasz

Delighted to meet you!

My name is Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz, and I love to work with entrepreneurs.

My first client was a direct business client (a media company), and over years of working largely with translation agencies almost all of my translations were for an entrepreneur as the end buyer, to be used in a business setting, largely in interaction with some other entrepreneurs (B2B). And sometimes consumers (B2C), or the general public, or stakeholders of various sorts, and obviously often the authorities and courts. I also continued to have my own direct clients, usually law firms and legal scholars and universities, sometimes developers, architects or IT companies — which is only a fraction of the list of sectors I have worked for through agencies.

Now I want to work with entrepreneurs more closely. I want to work with corporations, with manufacturers, traders, service providers, professional firms, business associations and industry bodies, and, of course, their lawyers, without having to go through a third party whose decisions don't always align with the client's best interest as the recipient or mine as the provider.

What I bring to the table is a couple of things you are almost never going to get from agency — starting from the unvariable certainty of who exactly you are being translated by at any point in time (or, in fact, how many different people, with varying skill and style, to make the deadline). But there is more. Scroll on to find out!

Best regards,


Education: 14 years of law

Łukasz is a graduate of University of Warsaw’s law-school class of 2007 (overall grade A).

Polish law school is a 5-year master’s course, and, as taught by the country’s best universities, devotes a great deal of attention to Roman law, legal and political history, legal reasoning and philosophy.

The U. of Warsaw was at the time at the top of Poland’s ranking of law faculties, engaging in various collaborative initiatives known as ‘schools of foreign law’, two of which Łukasz attended — the Center for American Law Studies in collaboration with the University of Florida Levin College of Law (1 year), taught exclusively by American visiting professors, and the British Law Centre in collaboration with Iuris Angliae Scientia, including University of Cambridge staff and oversight (2 years).

This in addition to the faculty’s Ph.D. course (4 years extended to 6), as a result of which Łukasz is in the final stages of working on a dissertation in the law of evidence.

Without accounting for overlaps this would add up to 15 years of legal studies.

Shortly after graduation Łukasz worked for a while in an old-school boutique Polish firm and thereafter in the Litigation & Arbitration department of an international BigLaw firm.

Łukasz's career change may be easier to understand in the light of what you read just next.

Not just a repurposed law grad

Understanding Łukasz’s career change may be easier after learning that his last four years before university were spent in classical education, with Latin and Ancient Greek in addition to English and French. Łukasz’s first translated language was actually Latin.

During the last of those years, aged 19 at the time, he passed the C2-level examination for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English — something a lot of translators nowadays only achieve years after graduating linguistics, or in fact never.

This command of the language was what placed Łukasz ahead of already established professionals in agencies’ rosters, even though the rookie charged more than the veterans did. For the same reason agencies pegged Łukasz for marketing, PR and sensitive projects.

Eventually, Łukasz attended translation school — after-master’s in business and legal translation — at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of his old alma mater, already as a practising translator.

In 2013 Łukasz became an accredited ‘sworn translator’, which customarily confers high standing within the translation profession, although the title’s once considerable prestige has recently faded somewhat. It is awarded by way of an individual administrative decision (by the Minister of Justice) following rigorous bidirectional state examination.

Thus Łukasz has always insisted on being a ‘normal’ translator, not looked at exclusively through the lens of his legal education but entirely capable of achieving high-quality results in fields other than the law, despite not actively focusing on them most of the time.

Those other fields, although a minor share of Łukasz's practice compared to legal translation, have ranged from Catholic theology to video gaming, with a lot of technical translation done alongside legal translation in construction, transport, energy, IT and telecom procurements and large industry contracts.

Łukasz firmly believes that it is impossible to be a world-class legal translator only translating law. You cannot be a legal translator without being a translator. You have to look behind the black letter and see business, see life. The law does not exist in a vacuum and is not a purpose unto itself.

Legal Translation: Wide business perspective

Łukasz has provided translation a vast range of industries, spanning almost all major business sectors and beyond, including governments, local authorities, academic, cultural and even religious institutions.

Unlike with many translators and agencies, Łukasz’s clientele is not a mix of B2B and B2C. While many of his clients have been translation agencies (who are themselves either business companies or professional firms), the end client has almost always been a business, institutional or professional client.

This means 10 years focused on businesses and institutions. And as you will see in a while, their range has been broad, very broad.

Wherever you are in the national or international economy, chances are Łukasz has already translated for your industry.

And probably your own clients’ industries too. And your advisers’ too, and your investors’ too. And a lot of other sectors you sell to, buy from or otherwise interact with.

Sectors translated for
Million Words

Broad spectrum — of legal translation

Just like coffee comes in a myriad varieties that are all fundamentally coffee — with the addition of milk, sugar and various seasonings, and brewed and even farmed sometimes quite differently, but still fundamentally coffee — Łukasz has done legal translation for a vast range of industries, spanning almost all major sectors of the economy (and politics, culture, art and more), and then a vast range of their legal needs.

Similarly to this broad experience within the narrower field of legal translation, extensive legal education allows Łukasz and, more importantly, his clients to avoid the typical constraints of having to approach legal disciplines as individual trees rather than taking in the whole forest.

The added pinch of generalism that comes from having occasionally provided business, financial, technical and marketing translation for the same or similar clients allows Łukasz — and, more importantly, his clients — the benefit of a further broader perspective and better grounded understanding. A more holistic view, as it were.

All of this, besides simply making Łukasz a more mature translator, makes him better positioned to handle complex, interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of law and business — and occasionally some other intersections — for his clients. And to fill in for a more generalist business translator in emergencies.

It also increases the chance that whatever it takes Łukasz has probably already done it before, or something similar, and if not, then is more similar to a barista making his first fern flower frappaccino than someone who has never brewed a cup (or only espresso and basic latte).

And finally, with less dictionary time and research time normally needed, faster turnaround times become possible.

Narrow focus

Łukasz became a translator in 2009, and it became his main occupation weeks later, and sole occupation within less than a year.

This is almost all pure, undiluted, concentrated translation experience — 10 years of translating written text.

Łukasz is a dedicated translator, not a generic ‘linguist’ who does a little bit of everything language-related, with translation being only one service among many.

There is no language teaching, no language consulting, no communication assistance, no monolingual copywriting, no subtitling, very little editing and almost zero interpreting.

Łukasz is also focused on Polish<>English exclusively, rather than amid a host of other language combinations each taking a share of the translator’s time (on top of non-translation services).

With Łukasz, Polish<>English translation gets the whole pie, not just a slice of the pie.

Keen edge

Łukasz stays ahead of the curve not only in terms of hard qualifications.

He also translates with confidence, clarity and precision. This is the edge he gives to his clients, even — or especially — where it means the need to maintain extremely elevated mental focus for a prolonged time.

Łukasz is a sharp thinker, whether that's about connecting the dots or thinking outside the box. Conventional or unconventional. Mastering the known ways or carving new ways. As Caesar put it 2000 years ago, he finds ways or makes ways.

With a thoroughly strategic brain, to a fault, Łukasz is a natural at considering things from multiple angles, and fast. Often angles unthought of before, or tied specifically to the unique problem at hand, unique context, unique application. Most people are not aware of how many mental processes go into translating a single sentence... or the sheer endurance it takes to keep processing thousands of thoughts per minute for hours. Or the relevance of knowledge and sheer intelligence in the process.

Łukasz combines a heightened sense of understanding with greater awareness of ideas and connections — and combines analytical, synthetic, conceptual, strategic, creative and abstract thinking into almost a single process, making it look easy. This, however, comes with the focus and discipline to bring projects smoothly to conclusion without getting stuck in details and losing the big picture. And with his achiever personality there is a fire constantly burning, even if it's 4 a.m. already.

Putting out fires, and killing dragons

Jokingly, Łukasz quips that a lot of his clients, especially agencies, only recall his name and phone number when there is a fire to put out or a dragon to put down.

And this means a project that's too large and too fast-paced, too difficult, or in some other may beyond most professionals' ability to handle (forget amateurs), or something bad has already happened — such as the inevitable results of having once again tried to cut corners and now needing a much more costly salvage operation.

This ranges from huge solo projects, through anything that's needed 'for yesterday' (but still done well), to anything that just simply has to be good, or project for certain discerning, strategically important end clients.

It's quite ironic how best quality and the combination of largest volumes and quickest turnarounds lead in the same direction.

That said, you don't need to work with Łukasz only where someone else has already failed, nor do you need to wait till the height of distress to build suspense. It's perfectly fine and acceptable to contact Łukasz before your project becomes a damsel in distress and your boss, or client, shapeshifts into a huge flaming dragon. It's fine to hire folks with pointy sticks before your damsels are taken (and typically makes the costs more palatable).

What clients & colleagues say

One of Poland’s Top Resident US Native Translators/Editors (Law, Business)

A legalese guru! Highly professional, quick turn-around time, very willing to help 🙂 HIGHLY recommended!!!!

UK Native Owner of Boutique Translation Agency (Focus on High-Profile Clients)

Lukasz combines the triple talents of English and Polish fluency together with a finely honed legal education. Genuinely passionate about the detail of his work, I cannot recommend his professionalism and competence more highly.

One of Poland’s Top Resident US Native Translators/Editors (Culture, Art)

Łukasz’s language skills are top-notch (PL – native, EN – near-native), the translations extraordinarily precise and carefully annotated if needed. He also has a degree and professional experience in the legal field. I would definitely recommend him.

Polish Legal Translator (25 years) & Legal Translation Lecturer

Łukasz is a professional translator of legal texts. Legal education + translation talent = precise translations that convey the intentions contained in the source texts. Fast pace, punctuality, great courtesy. Recommended.

Top Medical Translator (Polish Native, UK Resident)

It is my pleasure to confirm that Łukasz is a superb sworn and legal translator
– he has dependable knowledge of the law
– he knows no compromise when it comes to translation quality
– as a human being, he shows impeccable manner and kindness.

Top Business Translator (Polish Native, UK Resident)

Łukasz’s translation come with high precision and effortless style, making the end result not only correct but also remarkably great to read. I recommend Łukasz especially for business texts.

Polish Agency Manager

Łukasz is a conscientious, diligent and highly competent translator. A professional in every detail. His pleasant manner, willingness to help in any situation and great courtesy make our collaboration pure pleasure.

Polish Agency Owner (Business-Focused)

We have worked with Łukasz for a year. An excellent legal translator with whose command of the English language is comparable to that of a native speaker, and with great knowledge of the law. Depandable and punctual.

Top Chemical Translator & Highly Experienced Engineer (Polish Native)

Professionalism in every detail, exceptional erudition and courtesy, punctuality, nice communication and kind assistance. I definitely recommend working with Łukasz.

Polish Boutique Agency Owner (Focus on High-Profile Clients)

Dependable, punctual, diligent and professional. Translations are flawless in terms of both fidelity and quality of rendition. Recommended!

Lawyer (Polish Native, International Firms, Corporate CLO)

Highly expert translations. Knowledge, diligence and time flexibility. Heartily recommended!

Polish Agency Owner (Focus on Energy Industry)

Great professionalism combined with punctuality in translation projects. Working with Łukasz is pure pleasure.

Polish/American Agency

I keenly recommend working with this translator. Highly professional, dependable and helpful. He translates with enormous attention to detail and always on time.

Former Translator, International Trader

Łukasz is a great translator. The translation is very good and simply nice to read. Heartily recommended!

Polish Agency Owner

I have known Mr. Gos since 2010. He’s one of those rare people who works very hard and diligently. Mr. Gos always delivers high quality on time. In short, his high caliber of character and keen translation expertise set him well above others. I will continue the cooperation with Mr. Gos and I can recommend Him as a reliable and professional business partner.

Polish Agency Owner (Focused on Gaming Industry)

Łukasz is a very trustworthy vendor, whose work is characterized by precision, consistency, accuracy and punctuality. He has great knowledge in his fields of expertise and is a pleasure to communicate with. All in all, highly recommended.

Linguistics/Translation Professor (Polish Native)

Professional proofreading service. Łukasz is very helpful, patient and provides a unique combination of knowledge and language finesse.

Translator, Lecturer and Business Consultant (Polish Native)

Luke should be your first choice as a reliable PL<>EN translator. Thanks to his legal background, he really understands legal intricacies and delivers the highest quality work, even under pressure.

Polish Agency Owner

Very professional.

Polish Translator, Outsourcer

True professionalism and responsible attitude. Exceptional attention to detail. Easy communication. Strongly recommended!

Polish Translator, Outsourcer

Professional, generous, and true to his word.

Colleague (Translator)

I recommend Lukasz as the best specialist in fields such as government, commerce, law or international relations areas.

Colleague (Translator)

Łukasz is a peer of mine whom I respect deeply. As a professional, colleague and translator. I would highly recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever.

Polish Translator, Outsourcer

As an English, Polish and legalese fluent speaker, Łukasz has been of great help to other translators and to me. He knows how to polish an English text to make it sound more natural.

Legal translation deals with the legal system and its workings

Laws, statutes, regulations

Unlike treaties and their multiple language versions, domestic legislation has yet to be translated. This is what legal translators do, helping businesses understand the rules of the game outside the home turf. As private translations come without government warranty, it is important to choose a translator whose expertise you can trust.

Courts, decisions, litigation, law enforcement

You can hardly plead if you don’t speak the court’s language. It is no easier for judges, administrative officials and investigators to assess evidence they don’t understand. This is where legal translators come in, translating decisions, pleadings, exhibits and witness statements, and more. A large part of Łukasz’s extensive legal education (13 years combined) focused on court and administrative procedures and rules of evidence.

Lawyers & law firms

From street lawyers to Big Law, anything that relates to the tireless professional navigators of the legal system and fighters of legal battles is of interest to the legal translator. Between graduating law school and changing careers to become a legal translator, Łukasz briefly worked as an associate in the Warsaw offices of one of Poland’s top 10 international firms at the time, having moved there from a traditional boutique firm.

Certified translation for official use

Polish courts and other authorities — and the parties — are normally required to use sworn translators. Łukasz is a sworn translator duly appointed by the Polish Minister of Justice (following rigorous examination in both English-Polish and Polish-English), and you can find his name on the official list at the Ministry’s website.

But there is so much more to legal translation for business clients


Any exchange, whenever you buy or sell goods or a service, or trade some other benefits, is a contract. If sales is the lifeblood of your business, contracts are the veins and arteries. To keep your system healthy and robust, you need contracts translated in a way that is faithful and fluent, natural and lucid, with clarity and confidence.

Corporate Governance

Much like governing a country, ‘corporate governance is the mechanisms, processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed.’ This includes the articles and charters under which your company is established, the bylaws and policies defining how its objectives are pursued, and all the procedures that are there to follow. A large part of it is balancing all the competing interests and avoiding or resolving conflicts.

Regulatory Affairs

To comply you need to know what is requried. But to thrive, you need to understand. Here, you need a translator who can keep up with your lawyers as they explain the environment and the climate, how it affects your business and how your business can affect it in return. And when the time comes to make your voice heard, you need a translator who can keep up with the confident seasoned writers in your legal and your PR department.